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Site and location

Lal Lal Wind Farm is approximately 2,100 hectares in area located on land at Elaine and at Yendon, within Moorabool Shire. The two components of the wind farm are located approximately 9 km apart and are respectively 25km and 17km southeast of Ballarat.
Community Day Map - Yendon
Community Day Map - Elaine

The Lal Lal Wind Farm will have a generating capacity of approximately 220MW. This is enough to power approximately 95,000 homes per year. The project is estimated to save 780,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

The area’s strategic location will allow the wind farm to generate and export power to the national electricity market through an existing 220kV power line in proximity to the site that falls within Elaine and an existing 66kv above ground transmission line that runs through the Yendon section.

Lal Lal Wind Farm will deliver environmental, economic and social benefits by generating clean energy. The project will also contribute to local communities through the Lal Lal Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund and the creation of employment opportunities.

The Project Fact Sheet provides further information about the project.
Lal Lal Fact Sheet



In 2009, WestWind Energy was granted a permit, by the Victorian Planning Minister, to construct and operate the Lal Lal Wind Farm. The permit was for the installation of 64 wind turbines with a maximum height of 130m.

In 2015, WestWind Energy submitted an application to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to amend the design of the wind farm. The application sought to amend the existing permit to enable the use of new, more efficient wind turbine technology. The use of new technology reduced the number of turbines to 60 with a maximum height of 161m.

In 2017, the Victorian Planning Minister approved the application to amend the permit. More recently there has been a further planning permit amendment, the planning permit can be sourced below  Planning-Permit-PL-SP.05.0461.C-Lal-Lal-WF-Sept-2018



Vestas and Zenviron have been selected as the principal Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contractors for delivering the project. Vestas will will supply and install the wind turbines and Zenviron will carry out the civil and electrical work.  Zenviron is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading renewable energy sector engineering and construction contractors. Vestas, which has produced wind turbines since 1979, is the only global energy company dedicated exclusively to wind energy.

Construction commenced in May 2018. Updates are being provided regarding construction timeframes as available. If you would like to register for regular project updates, which will include updates on construction activities, please register your interest here by emailing

The traffic management plan for the turbine component haulage route can be accessed here.

You can find additional information on Vestas and Zenviron on their websites:

Turbine Transportation

Site and civil works are well under way for the Lal Lal Wind Farms. Turbine components will now be delivered on site in readiness for construction.

Transportation of tower components to the site will take place between

26 Nov 2018 – late March 2019 to Yendon and 26 Nov 2018 – late March 2019 to Elaine.

The first round of deliveries will begin week commencing 26th November, 2018. Click here for more details

Voluntary Landscape Screening Programme

Approval of the permit amendment application contains a range of conditions, including a requirement to provide voluntary landscape screening to dwellings within 4 km of a wind turbine, where a wind turbine is visible.

The voluntary landscape screening programme will strategically use vegetation (i.e. trees and shrubs) to screen visible turbines from affected dwellings. The programme involves a site visit and meeting with a landscape architect, and subsequently, preparation of a dwelling landscape plan. The dwelling landscape plan will include a map of where vegetation will be planted to minimise the visual impact.

If you would like to speak to Lal Lal Wind Farm in relation to the Voluntary Landscape Screening Programme, please contact us on 1800 187 183 or email

Please provide your contact details if you wish to confirm your eligibility for participation in the Voluntary Landscape Screening Program.

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The Wind Farm noise limit specified by the Planning Permit is the greater of 40dB La90 or background plus 5dB La90. The noise limit is an ongoing obligation which will be relevant for the life of the wind farm, as required by the Planning Permit.

The Planning Permit specifies a requirement for noise compliance testing post construction, which must be carried out to the satisfaction of the Minister for Planning and be undertaken by a suitability qualified and experienced independent acoustic engineer.

Lal Lal Wind Farms is currently preparing a Noise Compliance Testing Plan which will set out the methodology for carrying out the post construction noise compliance testing. The Noise Compliance Testing Plan will be audited by an Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) accredited auditor and endorsed by the Minister for Planning. Post construction compliance testing will also be audited by an EPA accredited auditor and the noise compliance report will be made available on this website.

If you would like to speak to Lal Lal Wind Farm in relation to the background noise testing or noise and compliance, please contact us on 1800 187 183 or email The Noise Fact Sheet provides further information and is available here. An outline of the Noise Compliance regime is also now available for download here.